Avocado Mash at Jane:  Breakfast in Fillmore, San Francisco.

“Are you two traveling?” I asked the two girls sitting next to me.

I was sitting by the window at Jane.  The two girls sitting next to me looked like the typical two girls you would find in the Fillmore: well dressed, somewhat sportsy, sunglasses hanging over the crest of the forehead.  

“I’m not, but she is,” the girl closest to me said, “why do you ask?”

“Because it’s 10am in the morning on a Monday in San Francisco.  If you’re not working right now, you’re traveling.”

They laughed a bit.  It’s an honest deduction.

“Yeah this isn’t usual.”

“Yeah,” I said.  I then turned to girl across from the first.  “Where you from?”

“Chatanooga Tennessee.”

“I like Chatanooga.”

“Yeah it’s pretty great.  It’s definitely changed a lot in the past few years.”

“Really?  How so…”

I stumbled across Jane this past weekend when I was in search of a bathroom.  Down across the barstool aisle and high tables, I was able to see them preparing an avocado spread over a slice of thick toast, topped with a soft boiled egg.  It looked interesting.  Two days later and I’m back to order that exact plate.

It’s called an Avocado Mash at Jane.  One of the baristas mentioned that it was one of their more popular dishes.  I ordered it and sat down by the window where I had a momentary conversation about Tennessee with the two girls next to me.  

Jane is the type of place that gets busy for brunch on the weekends.  Their lattes are served with a decorative leaf carved into surface of the milk foam.  Once I got my avocado mash and bit into the first bite, I noticed a slight hint of lime within the avocado spread.  I don’t like lime in my guacamole, but in this case, it’s not guacamole.  In fact, the lime gives the toast a certain brightness, a radiance.  My friend and I used to joke around because we both worked at a restaurant where she would tell people that the drinks were “bright,” because she wasn’t quite sure how to describe them, mostly because she’d never had them.  However in this case, the lime did in fact bring out a sort of brightness that was somewhat refreshing.  

The avocado mash is topped with a soft boiled egg that when sliced through, the yolk melds with the avocado.  It also has bits of pickled shallots and two slices of jalepenos to add heat.  Although it doesn’t exactly seem likely, the flavors do blend well together.

Jane is a venue that caters to latte conversations and a more health conscious crowd.  They prepare smoothies and I’m sure there’s a bucket of kale somewhere.  Across from me, at another table, is a cute girl with a knit scarf and a flannel shirt.  She has a very adorable face but given how hot it is, I’m not sure why she would be wearing a knit scarf.

When I came into Jane I was kind of hoping for a steak omelet.  They didn’t have a steak omelet, nor do I drink coffee or wear a knit scarf on a sunny morning.  I kind of feel out of place.  The food’s good though.

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