Red Velvet Cookies at Sack’s:  Artsy College Cafe in Berkeley

I expected a straight forward coffee place that only sells coffee when I went into Sack’s.  Nope, Sack’s has a menu written in a style that resonates with Crepevine.  It consists of a variety of specialty bagels and sandwiches, none of which I ordered, however I assume that if I was hungry, I would’ve done so.  At the register I tried to make up my mind on what to order but I had already eaten several hours ago at Jane in San Francisco and wasn’t interested in an entire meal.

Piled up in a large mason jar by the counter were large obscurely colored cookies.  They were red velvet, but not only red velvet, they also joined forces with the powers of both chocolate chips and white chocolate chips.  Having a red cookie on its own is pretty exciting.  Adding two types of chocolate chips is an easy sale.

The cookie wasn’t very good.  Although the flavors were there, it lacked the texture and consistency that makes a cookie enjoyable.  With every bite, it broke apart like the material suburban walls are made out of after punching through them.  I still think it was pretty exciting to get a red cookie.

The coffeeshop overall is a cool place.  It’s obvious why students flock here.  The guests are quiet and considerate.  People seem to mind their own business and talk in more conscious tones.  Art decorates the walls and there’s a wall between the counter and the kitchen.  It’s cute.


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