Mission View in Fremont

I’ve never seen Fremont.  I’ve seen it a few times on a map; I heard of a friend of a friend coming from Fremont.  I knew it existed but just never seen it.  Surrounding it are green hills and forest highways.  There are rivers.  In the residential districts there are good looking suburbs.  There are a lot Asians and Indians out here.  There are a lot of trees.  It’s very pleasant.  

Out on Mission View there’s a large park with a lake and benches looking out on the lake.  It’s early evening and the sunlight is still looking good, although much of it is hidden behind the hills.  The birds are crowding around me looking for food.  There’s a kid crying a few feet a way.  It only takes a moment for him to stop.  This reminds me of a time when we used to go out to the picnic tables.  We used to spend our time by the lake.  We used to fish.  It was good times back then; simpler.  Now we work.  We work because apparently working is what really matters.

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