A Room With A View of the Bay Bridge for 71 dollars: Ticketed For Sleeping On the Embarcadero.

Maybe it was careless of me.   Sometimes, maybe, I want to be careless.

I saw that it was free parking from 3pm to 11pm.  Still, I decided to park at 10:58pm.  I kept looking at the meter hoping that the meter wouldn’t start flashing red.  And, it never did.  I reclined my seat and proceeded to fall asleep.  Passed my window, I could see the view of the Bay Bridge.  i just wanted to sleep next to the Bay Bridge; just for the night; to wake up by its side; the lights still lingering.  But instead, I awoke to a loud bright light behind my car and a beep from the meter police printing something.
I rolled down my window.

“Street cleaning is here,” the meter man said.

“Am I ok to go?” I asked.

He shook his head.

“Not since your ticket printed.”

He handed me my ticket and I drove off.  It was 71 dollars to sleep next to the Bay Bridge.  From my car, I could see the bridge and in my dreams was the constant clairvoyant dreams that I would get ticketed.

Was it worth it?  I would say it was.

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