Logan Review: Spoiler Alert

Unlike everyone else, I spent the time to watch the entire credits roll after the film.  I didn’t know whether there would be an end credits teaser, but highly expected that there wasn’t one; there shouldn’t be one.  The movie should end and that should be it; for this movie especially.  

I guess I wanted to give Logan the audience he and the movie deserved.  Like many, I grew up with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.  Even before then, I grew up with X-Men as a child: etched by comic books and waking up at 10am on Saturday mornings as a child to watch the animated series.  It was only natural for me to watch Hugh Jackman growing older, knowing that I, too, was growing older.

The credits finished, the screen went black, and once the projector or whatever they used turned off, the screen went back to white.  In an empty theater I found it pretty hard to leave my seat.  When I finally walked down the stairs, I turned around to watch the blank screen for a long savoring moment.  It was over.  The actor and character that we all grew up with had finished and moved on, and the rest of us would have to do the same.  

Still, I found it quite hard to leave the blank screen of the theater that evening.  It felt as if inside me formed an empty space that I should really leave vacant.

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