Destination Unknown

I spent tonight looking up popular food bloggers like whiteonricecouple and localmilkblog.  Outside the similar effects that they use for pictures, I noticed that they also blog about recipes.  It got me thinking about where this blog is going.  I definitely don’t talk about recipes.  Outside of music and art, my blog so far has been dominated by places I’ve eaten at.  I expected that according to a google search that this would have me land on a similar plane as other food bloggers, walking amongst the shadows of Anthony Bourdain or Girl Eats World.  However, when searching for the key term, food blogger, I found that the idea of food blogger isn’t dominated by those tasting the delights of other people’s culinary expertise but those creating their own.  For example: thefirstmess and mynameisyeh both live on farms and advertise their own cookbooks.  David Lebovitz works as a pastry chef.  What this means is that I’m not what one would expect as a food blogger.  I expected that if Anthony Bourdain had a blog that he would be seen as a food blogger, but apparently Bordain would only be seen as a food blogger by google standards only if his blog consisted of his own recipes and not the travels and insights about foreign cultures and international gluttony.

It makes me think about where I stand with this blog.  The overall route doesn’t seem like it’ll change much.  I won’t be dedicating it to my own signature recipes although I do find myself to have an interest for cooking and photography.  I believe that although my blog will expand to other things naturally, like politics, more music, and other artistic outlets, I’ll still continue to write much of the same here: insight on culture through the food I’m eating and places I’m visiting.

Maybe I’ll identify more with the travel bloggers.  I don’t know if people express themselves as “culture bloggers” but it seems unlikely.  I’m sure I’ll figure out my place amongst many.  My blog is still in its most adolescent form.  I guess for right now, I’ll settle for the title of fiction author.

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