Caffe Greco

I guess I ordered the tiramisu at Caffe Greco so I could arrogantly scrutinize it by saying that it doesn’t compare to Rome.  Really, it’s fine.  The flavors are there.  The chocolate and coffee blend is close or even identical to that which is used in Rome.  The lady fingers have the right texture.  Its the marscapone cream where something seems to be lacking.  Maybe it’s the refrigeration process but the cream doesn’t share the right consistency of that in Rome.  It’s loose; like it’s been sitting in room temperature.  It also lacks a hint of sugar.  But, maybe it’s perfect and I’ve only had shitty tiramisu in Rome.  I’ve only had so much tiramisu that maybe San Francisco gets it right.  Who knows.

As for Caffe Greco itself.  It’s very Italian.  The booth, the tables, the particular choice of font, it’s very Italian.  What may be different is the front room right now mostly consists of Asians and in the side room there are obvious tech people in from of laptops with Windows Vista.  Across from me are three men passed their thirties who were earlier talking about DVDs and Redbox.  They’re looking at their phones now.  Two of them look as if they would rather be somewhere else right now while the last seems perfectly content.  

There are a few people I know who are currently attending First Fridays in Oakland.  I was fixed on attending First Fridays in North Beach but after seeing the lacking enthusiasm, I feel that maybe I should have went to Oakland.  But, I probably won’t.  As extravagent as First Fridays is in Oakland, after several, it just isn’t my thing.

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