Commissure: Underground Post Rock in San Francisco

There was a time when we spent our weekends crowdsurfing across an ocean of flannel and beanies, excited by two dollar PBRs, the headlining ban playing in a dim lit room only illuminated by a blue fluorescent rope wrapped around the stage floor of the headlining band.  Those were the times when we found music that deviated from what FM radio ruthlessly imposed on the general population.  That was when a schism in our naive bubble began to form, and we found an alternative subgenre of music that broke away from the preconceived, easily replicable, predictable, musical templates composed of verses, prechoruses, choruses, and a bridge somewhere in between.  That was when something new came into our lives.  That was when things stopped being a composite of a composite and we were allowed to breathe fresh air.  That was when we found something good.

Commissure is a post rock band that breaks away from the soft concentrated classical voicings of old albums of Explosions in the Sky.  It tares into more expansive,  explosive crescendos much like God is an Astronaut, but when compared to God is an Astronaut, one could find the soft classical melodies that make Explosions in the Sky so addictive.  From their Myspace beginnings to their tours across America, Commissure has continued to break the discord behind the ever exhausting pop music formulas, and provide a soundtrack perfectly form fitting to the sweet pandemonium of an ever beautifully blurry imagination.

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