Cafe Murano

Although Yelp says otherwise, there’s a cafe on Sutter and Steiner that seems like it could be easily overlooked.  It’s a quaint cafe.  The interior resembles a sort of French artistic spirit: the walls look as if they’ve been painted over and over with the same primary colors, above the tables are those old discolored French posters that may have been advertisements at one point, and the leather in the furniture is cracking.  It looks like the type of place that would attract the poetic.

I’m not sure what the coffee taste like but I’m sure it’s fine.  Behind the counter are Torani syrups.  Behind the glass are prepackaged parfaits and empanadas.  They also prepare sandwiches.  I’m attended to by a small Asian woman after taking a moment to choose between the empanadas.

“Do you prefer the Mediterranean empanada or the Italian?”


She doesn’t speak English very well.

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