Miyazaki Exhibit:  Spoke Art Gallery

I was walking back to my car from the John Pence Museum to fill the meter when I noticed a flood of people crammed into a small room.  After I filled the meter, I came back to see what was happening.  When I arrived outside the flood and the glass windows, I noticed that the walls featured anime artwork.  I’m not really a fan of anime. I’m sure what little exposure I had to anime was when I was a lot smaller when Sailor Moon was a big deal and Dragonball didn’t pigeonhole itself on the Toonami network where it was unreachable by those who didn’t have more than the seven basic channels.  Outside on the window in golden letters was written the name, Miyazaki.

I heard about “Spirited Away.”  I’ve never watched it.  I guess I’ll be honest: this is the type of artwork that I’m not in love with but I could appreciate.  I guess that’s not much, but I’m sure, given the human flood that poured into the small room, that there are people who are quite fond of this. 


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