Jeremy Mann’s Lyterian Leman:  John Pence Gallery

I haven’t had the chance to see much of Jeremy Mann’s paintings in person.  On occasion, I’ve stumbled across a cityscape or two at the 111 Minna Gallery, but I haven’t gotten the chance to come by his figure work.  I’m a fan of his work; especially his figure work.  So, when one of the workers at The Modern Eden gallery mentioned that he had work featured at the John Pence gallery not too far away, I immediately got into my car and headed over.  It was only an 8 minute ride.

Jeremy Mann would have to be one of the top contemporary artists to catch my interest.  He is certainly up there with Chloe Early.  Upon entering the John Pence Gallery, although there are bronze statues and colossal portraits blocking off large fractions of the gallery walls, my interest falls straight towards Mann’s undeniably captivating piece, Lyterian Leman.  The dress, the splendor of amber speckles across an eerily bleak backdrop, magnifies the soft complexion of the woman’s shoulders and flowing outwards from her chest down, the painting bursts with the complex extravagance of her dress and the drapes that fall off the furniture.  It’s almost as if the composition draws in the viewer like an evening fireworks show.

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