Sarah Joncas: Suburban Surreal at the Modern Eden Gallery

I had noticed the paintings from outside the glass windows when I stopped for lunch in North Beach.  The small art gallery was a corner building and it being Monday afternoon, I was greeted with a closed door that prompted me with the schedule.  They were closed on Mondays.  I came back later in the week on Saturday to find an open door and a young woman behind a podium who would tell me that that Saturday was the last time they were featuring Sarah Joncas and next week they were featuring a different artist.  I was able to catch the final day of the exhibit; lucky me.  Next week, the Modern Eden Gallery will reopen on Friday, during North Beach’s First Friday event, and they’ll be featuring work by Sheri Debow.

I’m sure there’s much to say about the technique of the artist…

… how the deviation between animation and realistic detail brings out the eyes, nose, and mouth…

…or how the pixelation and broad strokes in the background bring out the figure standing in the foreground.  

Overall, Joncas’s work is quite interesting.  However when talking behind the podium I couldn’t help but make comparisons to Charmaine Olivia.  The philosophy behind this exhibit was found on a printed piece of paper displayed upfront.

It’s good.  To think this was the last day of the exhibit.  I’m happy I came before she was gone.

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